Mount Bugarach Out of Time

The Eagle's Nest

A view from St. Loup's Grave

Richard Stanley at the gates of Bugarach's cemetary

Moon over Bugarach

Miss Scarlett among the tombstones

Defiling the Altar

Lamb of the Seven Seals

Bugarach church in light and shadow

To know is to die

At the rainbow's end

Jules Gabriel Verne 1828-1905

Master of the World

The Albatross/Oil Derrick Dirigible

Master of the World (original)

Captain Bugarach - Master of the Four Winds

Saint Roch - Patron Saint of Pestilence

Wheel of Fortune

Miss Scarlett at the Pont de Roman

Pont de Roman

The long and winding road

The hermitage of Saint Anthony

Richard Stanley at Saint Anthony's grotto


Galamus Gorge

Sator's Square

Clue to the Puzzle Box

Curse or Prayer?

The key to the treasure

Entrances to the Hollow Earth

Roque Negre

Rennes-les-Baines - summer 2007

Rennes-les-Baines in portrait

Christ and the Hare

Inside Boudet's church, Rennes-les-Baines

The Devil's Armchair

Trembling Rocks

At the end of time

The rocks of Laval Dieu will turn round

Teniers Temptation of Saint Anthony

Saint Anthony and the Temptations