The Rennes Valley, summer 2009

Tour Magdala

The Rennes Plateau

The Capitelles

Dagobert II

The trepanned skull of Dagobert II

The Villa Bethany, summer 1910

Abbe Berenger Sauniere 1852-1917

Marie Dernarnaud [left] and friend

Francois Berenger Sauniere

Magdalene bas relief

terribilis est locus iste

Church of the Magdalene

January 17th, Blue Apple Day

The Devil's Chessboard

The hand of Asmodai

Pages from Sauniere's chapbook - image 1

Pages from Sauniere's chapbook - image 2

Tour de Verre, summer 2009

The Greenhouse - Villa Bethany, autumn 1998

Sauniere's altar - Villa Bethany

The Greenhouse - Villa Bethany, summer 2009

Villa Bethany

Villa Bethany, mid-winter

Tour Magdala

Rennes at the going down of the sun

President Mitterrand visits Rennes-Le-Chateau, 1967

President Mitterrand on the Tour Magdala

Rennes Legion

The wilderness years

President Mitterrand eyeball to eyeball with Asmodeus

Noel Corbu, 1912-1968

Pierre Athanese Marie Plantard, 1920-2000

Noel Corbu impersonating Berenger Sauniere, summer 1961

Rennes document 1

Rennes document 2

Tour Magdala, summer 2009

Tour Magdala

Tour de Verre

Rennes pentagram

The Rennes pentagram on Mars

Visigoth Tower

Zone Perimeter 2007


Return to the Zone, summer 2009

Danielle explains the seven gates of Hell do exist

Rennes dodecagon

Dawn of the Dead

Bridging the Abyss

At home with Berenger Sauniere

Villa Bethany


Elvis has left the building

The White Lady of Les Labadous

Darkness falls over the Tour Magdala

Henry Lincoln with Miss Zoe and Miss Scarlett

Tego Arcana Dei

Miss Scarlett on the threshold

Sauniere's bookmark