Otto Wilhelm Rahn, 1904-1939

Otto and Mother pose with pre-SS sieg rune sweater

The original M. I. B.

Des Marroniers (The Chestnuts), Rahn's hotel in Ussat-Les-Bains

Thule Society logo

Interior White Eagle Lodge

Otto Rahn on holiday with Asta Bach, 1938

Court of Lucifer, Rench edition

Interior, Des Marroniers, prior to its destruction in 2006

Grotte de Lombrives

Otto in the Grotto

Bethlehem Grotto, 1932

Grotto Ornolac

Richard Stanley in the Grotte de Lombrives, summer 1998

Bethlehem Grotto, 1932

Antonin Gadal, 1877-1962

Lapis Exilis from Lucifer's Crown

Initiatory Altar, Bethlehem Grotto

Fortified Grotto of Bouan

Otto Rahn and friend, ca. 1934

Schloss Wewelsberg

Nazi elite in Weweslburg

Schloss Wewelsberg

Hall of the Dead, Wewelsberg

The Black Sun

Hall of the Supreme Leadership, Schloss Wewelsberg

Wotan Rising

The Resurrection of Baldur-Hitler

Sketch of Otto Rahn by Paul Alexis Ladame, 1936

The Third Mother

Nazi U-boat pen, Raiders of the Lost Ark

Abandoned U-boat pen - Fuerteventura 2008

Nazi Arctic Expedition - summer 1936

The 'Schwabenland'

What lies beneath...

Downwards to glory!

Cave of the Hermit, 2009

Richard Stanley in the Cave of the Hermit, summer 2009

The Devil's Gullet, summer 2009

Otto Rahn in the Cave of the Hermit, summer 1932

The Cave of the Hermit

The Secret of the Hermit's Cave