Salamander - Mansion of Bourgtheroulde

Frere Chevalier Heliopolis - Jules Violle 1841-1923

The Sphinx protects and controls science

Libraire de Mervallieux

Portrait of Jean Julien Champagne 1877-1932

Jean Julien Champagne - The Great Egg

The Ladder of Correspondences

Jean Julien Champagne and screw-propelled sleigh

Lux in Tenebris Lucet

Justice by Michel Colombe - Cathedral of Nantes

Prudence by Michel Colombe - Cathedral of Nantes

Scire, Potere, Audere, Tacere

Eugene Canseliet 1899-1982 "prom photo"

Canseliet musing on the Great Work

Le Chat Noir - Pictures Courtesy of

Interior Chat Noir - fun fun fun!

Le Theatre d'Ombres - Temptation of Saint Anthony

Runnin' with the Devil

Chat Noir interior

Rodolphe Salis 1851-1897 - Propriteer of Le Chat Noir

Irene Hillel-Erlanger 1878-1920 author of Voyages in the Kaledoscope

Magical Door of Palombara

Pierre Dujols de Valois 1862-1926 aka The Magaphone

The Mutus Liber

Renee Schwaller de Lubicz 1887-1961 and friend

Jules Bouchet Library Insignia

Cyclical Cross of Hendaye - summer 2008

Cyclical Cross - The Four Ages of Man

CERN crew in front of DELPHI

Richard Stanley, Miss Scarlett, and Signor Gawler - Villa Helios - summer 2008

Rose Window Chartres Cathedral

Alchemist Notre Dame Cathedral

Dwellings of the Philosophers

Mystery of the Cathedrals...