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  • Read "The Trail of the White Lady" with rarely seen excerpts from personal journals and letters written by Shadow Theatre Irregulars on the different trips to the zone. Material too subersive and mind-altering for the public site.
  • Read the full English translation of "The Court of Lucifer" from Otto Rahn's original manuscript.
  • Read the first ever English translation of Maurice Magre's "Blood of Toulouse" - a tale of sin and malediction in old Occitania.
  • Coming soo the first ever English translation of Irene Hillel-Erlanger's "Voyages in Kaleidoscope" - read the book that may have caused her tragic demise.
  • Watch the complete newly re-synced version of "The Secret Glory".
  • Read Richard Stanley's lost writings from the making of "The Secret Glory" and newly translated material from the private files of Otto Wilhelm Rahn never before seen by the public.
  • All new video of local Rennes-le-Chateau visionary artist Uranie talking about the Necronomicon, the OTO, the Solar Temple, and what really lives beneath the valley in Rennes.
  • Watch the video of the man from St. Petersburg claiming to be the reincarnation of Otto Rahn.
  • Private photo galleries that will be constantly updated as we set up our new headquarters in the zone.
  • Exclusive access to interactive maps of the territories - coming soon.
  • Read ongoing travel logs of journeys taken and adventures awaiting - a continuing revelation of the invisible world.
  • Read the first chapter of the upcoming novel "Terra Umbra - Empire of Shadows" written by Richard Stanley. Be the first to read the novel as it is being finished.
  • Join our forum moderated by Shadow Theatre Irregulars. An invisible college devoted to the further study of the European esoteric tradition and its associated mysteries.
  • Store - coming soon.

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